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calendar // a cheerful aquamarine for march

With February always ending so quickly, I'm never quite ready for March. And yet, I'm always so ready for March because spring is just around the corner! To add to that bit of joy, this month's birthstone, aquamarine, is bright and pretty and one of my favorite colors.

I went with a square-ish/octagon-ish style gem and learned that this is called an Asscher cut. You guys...I'm starting to geek out over gemstone cuts. There are so many! Including one called a "scissors cut" which sounds like something a crafter might want.

But I do love the simplicity of this one, and I'm looking forward to stitching it up soon...

Download the aquamarine calendars below. Save whichever you need to your devices and then set them as your background wallpapers or lock screens.

Last month, when I wasn't posting here (which was quite often!), I was creating projects for other sites. Here are a few of my favorites:

Valentine Donut Friends

I made these donut friends for Valentine's Day, but with a few small changes, they work any time of the year!

Tooth Fairy Pillow

Will your little one be losing a tooth soon? Sew up a happy tooth pillow in no time at all!

Lucky Charm

St. Patrick's Day will be here soon, which gets us thinking about all things Irish, and a bit of luck. Which is a perfect time to stitch your own lucky charms!

Rainbow Fringe Cloud Purse

And most recently, I shared this kawaii cloud purse with a rainbow fringe. It may have just been an excuse for me to put my ribbons in color order...

One last thing...Happy Birthday to all my aquamarine birthstone March birthday friends! Tell me, do you like your birthstone color/stone?


  1. I loooove being a March baby!! I was supposed to be born on the 17th, but I was my stubborn self (total Aries!) and didn't decide to join the planet until the 22nd lol I guess I wasn't meant to be a Pisces!!!

    I absolutely adore your blog, and all of your projects. The tiny smiles on everything make my day!!

    I hope you have a fantastic March!!

  2. I truly think my March birthstone fits me. Blue is my favorite color and reminds me of the sea...and I am definitely a water baby! I love all things ocean. Thank you for the March goodies!


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