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my favorite part of the making


Do you have a favorite part of every project? Maybe it's choosing materials, crossing over into being more than halfway done, or adding the finishing details. Maybe it's different with every project you make.

For me, it's the same...and different depending on the type of thing I'm making.

The planning process is always so enjoyable. I love sketching ideas and selecting colors, and getting ready to get started. After the planning is done, it looks different depending on the type of creative work I'm doing.

I thought I might share what parts of the projects I like, from least to most favorites. Ready?


4. Cutting pieces
3. Piecing
2. Quilting
1. Binding


3. Soaking/pressing/framing
2. Transferring patterns
1. Stitching

English Paper Piecing:

3. Joining the pieces
2. Making the EPP into something
1. Basting the pieces

Just a few examples, and only in general terms. Some projects can have elements that switch these around.

Now, how about you? What is your favorite (or least favorite!) part of making something new?


  1. I wish I liked binding as much as you! I finished 2 patchwork projects so far and it's the part I struggle the most with. I'll have to practice a lot to get better!!! :)

  2. interesting. Binding is always my favorite. I'd say cutting pieces & pressing are my least favorite

  3. We would be perfect quilty mates! My favorite parts are cutting and piecing...just the opposite of you. :)

  4. Cross stitching: The defining backstitches. I do NO backstitches until all cross stitches are done, no matter the size of the project.



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