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the big apple is better with happy apple socks

Happy Apple Socks

I found these socks at Forever 21 in the spring, and of course I had to have them. Flip flop weather immediately hit, and my happy socks were set aside. I found them again as I planned for a trip to New York, and they were perfect for in the Big Apple.

Now that I'm home, getting back to life is taking longer than expected. It's tiring walking through busy streets, seeing great landmarks, and of course...craft shopping!

I'll be back soon with some recaps of my trip, and hopefully some new projects too.

Happy weekend!


  1. Those socks are adorable! You have very lucky feet :)
    Claire xx

  2. I love your socks, they make me smile and sometimes that's hard to do. Thank you and GOD bless.

  3. Funny, funky socks are the best! And the easiest way to "secretly" dress "young."

    Can't wait to see picks from your trip!


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