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rambles on getting it all done

Starting to think Christmas...

First things first. Congratulations to Anne Haun who won the fold-over bag from Modern Handcraft! And thanks to all who entered and went to visit Nicole's blog!

Now, let's talk about that photo up there. It's looking a little like Christmas. It's because I'm starting to think about Christmas more. Actually, I've had a few holiday things going nearly all year for various projects, but it's really hitting me now. Mainly because I'm always feeling behind.

Stacey recently wrote a post dispelling the myth of Super Woman, and I feel it deeply. I know that everyone who looks like they have it all together...doesn't. Certainly I know that I don't, even when sometimes people seem to think I do. I have my own "secrets" for getting "everything" done. Perhaps the biggest secret (or maybe it's not!) is that I'm in a constant state of feeling like I'm not accomplishing enough.

There are times in my life when I get TONS of projects made for my blog, but these days I'm working on more things in the background (stitching for my book, constructing projects for books for others, etc.). I cut it really close with most things in my life, just barely getting it done in time.

The truth may be that I'm not accomplishing enough. That I should do better. That I let people down. That I need to do more in order to maintain and build my little business.

The problem with that line of thought (true or not!) is that it just bogs me down more. I'm pushing those thoughts away, cutting my losses, and moving on with what I can do.

What does this have to do with Christmas? Well, it's not Halloween yet, but I'm not going to try and squeeze in the spooky things that I missed along the way. I'm plowing straight into the next things so I have time to do them. November is going to be a month of giving (perfect for Thanksgiving...and Christmas prep), and I'm giving myself the freedom to post what and when works best for me. All with the hope that I'll actually get things done (even if I can't do it all!) and that we'll all have a merry holiday season...

Notes to remember:
• I can't (and don't!) do it all.
• Christmas is coming sooner than planned.
• Giving month will include some opportunities to give (fair warning!).
Are we all good with this? Yes? Let's breathe and enjoy life and craft some things here and there.


  1. Your doing great (I find your blog to be super inspirational). No worries everyone has those moments. The best projects are always the ones your pulling in at the last minute. It's weirdly when all the inspiration hits.

    Also the best way to make sure you hit all the points you want is just make a list and then schedule that list out. I use this technique when I have client work that over laps too much.

    1. Thanks, Kristin! The problem I run into with my scheduled lists is that I always think I can do more that is reasonably possible, and end up with too many things going at one time. Ah well...such is life!

  2. Jessi James7:49 PM

    You go, girl! :D

  3. I've only recently discovered your blog and have found myself smiling and getting inspired by your fun style and creative works. And I love that you keep it real as well. Many thanks for all you do! :)

  4. Mollie, you are a sweet , humorous, and very giving person. I ALWAYS enjoy your blog and thoughts. Remember how Murphy's Law pertains to work: work expands proportionally to the time available to accomplish it. This law is universal -- it affects ALL of us. Take a couple of deep breaths, smile at the human condition, and keep on keepin' on. Love and an arm around your shoulder, Jane :)

  5. Go you! I think that taking this sort of stance (to post when and what you can) during the holiday season is wise and makes it possible for you to a) enjoy the holiday season and b) still like blogging when it's over. I hope that you are able to continue this attitude of grace to yourself, and I look forward to seeing what you share when you can share it. :)

  6. More time to breathe is good! I love your blog because of its simplicity. Please don't spread yourself too thin :)


  7. *hugs* It is really hard when you have that feeling and I think it's great that you post what you want to when you can and realise you are working on what you need to do. I am sure that we can all respect that you need to have time to breath as well.

  8. {{{{{{{{Mollie}}}}}}}}

    You are wonderful. Do what you do for yourself. We enjoy what you share when you share it!


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