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commercial licenses for wild olive embroidery patterns

Commercial Collage

All week on Twitter I've been hinting that something big was coming to Wild Olive patterns, and this is it! I'm very happy to announce that I'm now offering commercial licenses for my patterns.

For all those who have asked over the years, the wait is over! With a commercial license, you can now stitch up my designs and sell what you've made.

You'll find them as an add-on in my Etsy shop so that if you've already purchased a pattern you want to use, you don't need to pay again. Or, on Kitschy Digitals you can purchase the pattern and license together.

Goo Goo

And while we're on a roll for fulfilling requests, I've got a new pattern filled with baby-themed motifs. It's called...Goo Goo! Now you're all set to start stitching up onesies for all those babies on the way (you could even stitch a onesie on a onesie with this set!).

Oh, and very soon, a semi-retired pattern set is coming out look all fresh and new...for Valentine's Day! Where did all this pattern energy come from? I'm not sure, but I'm happy about it, and hope you are too!


  1. How exciting!! This is wonderful:)
    (I was just reading a book "Blogging for Creatives" by Robin Houghton and was delighted to see a little excerpt by you!)

  2. That is wonderful and exciting! congrats! xxx

  3. Oh my goodness, you must have read my mind! I have twin grandbabies on the way and have been looking for just the right little something to stitch....BINGO!
    Just ordered it, thank you!

  4. This is such a big step for you, I'm sure; congratulations! I'm glad everything seemed to work out and go smoothly and I wish you tons of luck. I'm sure you're very excited! :)


  5. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Mollie, I have never sold any of my work so I didn't know there are rules! I was thinking of selling some to earn $ to buy patterns. Do I need a license from all pattern peeps? Yikes! Glad you posted before I made a big mistake!

    1. Most patterns say if they are for personal use only, which would mean you couldn't sell works using the patterns for any reason, but it's a good idea to ask first anyway. Some folks will make exceptions though, so it's worth checking!

  6. I just adore your blog. Your posts, pics and especially your "shhhh" time is truly inspiring. Thank you!

  7. I am curious to how this works... Can I buy the $16.00 license to cover any and all patterns I have by you for all time? Or do I need to pay a few dollars in addition to any pattern I may purchase in the future?

    1. The license covers one pattern set, so you would need to purchase a separate license for each set.

  8. Congratulations Mollie!!! Hope this is a prosperous endeavor.

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