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r is for royal neutrals

Royal Neutrals

For today's color palette, I was looking for something to go with the letter R. What to choose? So I started with a color starting with R, which in this case is a deep Royal blue. Often I choose my colors with just one main color to work off of.

Then it was time to select some other colors to go with my blue. So I moved my blue skein around, hovering over other shades, looking for just right. And I realized that this was a palette focused on the Royal color, so I shouldn't dilute that color.

I went looking for some neutrals with just a hint of color. And that's what settled on. Not only does it feature the deep royal blue, but it looks classy as royalty should. Yeah, I think I think I could picture Princess Kate wearing these colors...

1 comment:

  1. Hello, Ive only just come across you blog and its wonderful! I think this colour palette would work lovely on princess Kate, the blue is like the dress she wore when they announced there engagement. I love the palette,
    Emma xx


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