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m is for mirror, the crystal

The fact that we're already at M in Alphabet Month means that we're halfway through. Amazing. Also amazing is the work that the video above describes. I might be cheating a bit by making M be for "Mirror, The Crystal" because technically, this is for The Crystal Mirror. But it's too lovely to pass by.

You see, my dear friend Katie is working on illustrating a book of stories for children.

I think this is just about the most wonderful thing, and I'm so excited about it! Her work is charming, warm and inviting, and isn't that perfect for a children's book?

But the book isn't done yet. In fact, Katie has a lot of work ahead of her, as does Tim, the author, as he guides the process. And as this work comes along, they are making it possible for people to join them on the journey. By supporting the project up front, there are all kinds of extras you can get (I say extras, because just being part of this is a benefit in itself!).

For more information, visit The Crystal Mirror and learn how you can join Tim and Katie in making this book.

Congratulations, Katie! I look forward to many Skype sessions as you paint and I stitch!

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  1. This is a beautifully illustrated children's book so far! I hope all goes well on your endeavor.


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