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needlepoint: girl in the wild west style

This month, some of my sponsors are sharing guest posts, and today I welcome Helengrey from the Girl from the Wild West, who's sharing some stitchy work.


I am the Girl from the Wild West. Before moving to the ranch, I decided to pick up a hobby to keep me entertained while living in a remote area. Needlepointing was just the hobby I needed to fill up my time. Here is my latest piece that I have completed. I used several different stitches and crafted a barn wood frame for it. I love how it turned out. I hope you join in on my adventures living in the Wild West which include gardening, cooking, baking, crafting and decorating!

Thanks, Helengrey! For more lovely things from the Girl from the Wild West (including lots of yummy recipes and amazing photos), give her blog a visit.


  1. I love the idea that you framed it. i often see embroideries on sheets or hanky but this is a great idea... thank you!

  2. Such beautiful needlework! Something on my to do list to learn!! Thanks for sharing!! xo Heather


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