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we're praying

Sundays on Wild Olive are a point of prayer. Please pause, leave a prayer request, and pray with us.

Thank you so much to each one of you who is praying along. Whether you leave a comment, or are just quietly taking all of this in, I'm glad you're here.

Would you all pray for some friends of mine? My friend's husband was just laid off without warning. Pray for peace for them now and hope for the future! I know this is something that is weighing on many of you as well, so let's pray for peace and hope!


  1. I'm praying for all the Mother's and Grandmothers on their special day. Many won't see their children or grandchildren.

  2. Anonymous2:03 PM

    *Giving thanks to God for my healthy children and grandchildren.

    *Praying that my son's job interview goes well this week.

    *A special prayer for the family of the blog honeybearlane.com who. Alice Hansen had her third baby a little more than a week ago and this past week died from Toxic Shock Syndrome. So sad...she was only 34. I have not heard of this since the 80's.

    *Also praying for all above. Peace be with you!
    lin lbprich@bellsouth.net

  3. Praying for peace and hope in an often sad and hopeless world. God is bigger than all of this...

  4. yo quiero rezar por todas aquellas que ya no tenemos madre.

  5. Grace and Peace! Thank you so much for a lovely post on prayer! We all need prayer to get through this life and to be thankful! Amen

  6. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Prayed for the family, Mollie. There is so much of this affecting families in this economy. Sandy


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