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the truth about this blogger


This was supposed to be a post about the earrings you see in the photo above. It still is...sort of.

You see, I made these earrings over the course of a few days, having made some similar ones before. I took photos along the way, as I do for a tutorial, and I was happy. After the last photo was shot, I went to remove the earrings, having modeled them. And I realized that I failed.

The nail enamel didn't harden properly, so I not only made a dent in it with my fingernail, but I also left some lovely fingerprints.


How had this happened? This was the third pair I made like this, and I never had this trouble before. But then when messing around with another pair, I realized that maybe I just had missed it because of the difference in nail polish. Not wanting to waste the photo or the opportunity, a new sort of post was born.


The truth is, I have projects like this that fail. Some are bad enough that I can't do much of anything with them, and some are small enough that I can cover it up. But whether you see them here on the blog or not, they are there.

And the truth is, it's easy for me to feel like I am failing in more than just crafty things.


It happened when only a handful of people read this blog, it continued when hundreds read this blog, and it still happens now that many, many more read it. I wonder if I'm doing it right, think that I'm not good enough, and question why other blogs are more successful than mine. And I feel like I'm my own failed project.

But then I remember a quote: "Comparison is the thief of joy." (the author of this is debated...but the statement remains)

I blog because I enjoy it. I take joy from making things and sharing them with others, but when I make it about comparing my blog to others...the joy is gone.

The truth is, I will continue to have moments of self-doubt along the way. I think we all do at times, because we just do. And I wanted to share these feelings with you, not so you can reassure me (please don't do that), but so you can know that it happens to bloggers and crafters...no matter the size or popularity of the blog.

The truth about this blogger is that she's an average gal who doesn't always get it right.


Now, does anyone have any ideas to make these earrings work better?


  1. This could be a blogpost of mine, I recognice so much in it! Compare ourselfs to others gives so much pain, but I do to, even when I don't want to! you really are a beautiful person, you've been blessed with a great couple of hands, and you're a kingsdaughter! A pearl in God's hands... Be blessed, and keep on bloggin!

  2. I love your blog but I understand the way you feel. Sometimes I felt the same way. I just start blogging recently and the reason I do it is because I am enjoying it too much. By the way, I love the color on the earrings! Keep going, you are doing great!!!

  3. Thanks for the reminder that the reason why I started sewing, creating, blogging and even etsy was because I got such joy from creating things. It's so easy to lose when you can quickly check your stats or favorites or likes etc. Love that quote...
    p.s. I think the earrings look super!

  4. Totally agree about comparisons being the theif of joy, and kudos for having the grit to show your so called failure. I was thinking about a similar topic in my own blog, wondering why anyone would be interested, but then I realised that we are all curious beings and seeing that those who put themselves out there in the public arena, in any way, are still just people, gives us all the courage to do the things we want to try and the comfort of knowing that we all live through similar but different things.

  5. These earrings are so cute. I love the color and they are sweet and simple (my kinda thing). You are one of my daily reads and I think you are wonderful!!!
    xoxo- Julie

  6. Thanks for keeping it real :-) LOVE it when the "popular girls" can be humble enough to show that they mess it up just like I do! What about craft paint and a coat of clear polish over it? Also, not sure why it didn't harden properly, but there used to be a product that looked like a bottle of polish but was an "instant hardener" It might have been a Sally Hansen product?

  7. Your post, this post is the "talk" I needed to hear to day. Thanks for sharing!

    As for your nailpolish, I don't have a scientific answer for you, but a hunch rather. My daughter, and I remember I did too when I was little, has some nail polish that peels after a while. Like in a few days. I thought is intentionally made that way for kids. What ever "enamel" hardener in regular nail polish isn't there in this kids stuff. I don't know what this chemical is...but you might do an Internet search. Just a thought.

  8. Thanks for this! There are so many times I look around and compare myself with all the other fabulous bloggers (you included) and think why do I even bother blogging?!? It's so nice knowing that we all have those moments and to be reminded that "comparison is the thief of joy." What a great quote! Thanks for always being such an inspiration.

  9. Mollie you are one of my crafty hero's. I just told my husband when he asked what famous person do you want to meet? I said well Mollie from Wild Olive, he gave me a look and I said but I think she is famous to me. Your a great lady Mollie keep up the wonderful work.

  10. This is my first day reading and I'm so glad I did. You're a human being who sometime screws things up. I am, too. I'm pleased to meet you. :)

  11. This might be my most favorite post of yours ever, and that is sure saying something cause you have awesomely wonderful things to show & tell & share. But, I love this reminder that I blog because I love it & not for the number of readers I have. One or one-hundred is not the point, the joy in it is. Thanks, Mollie!

  12. I so admire your honesty in this post! I've often wanted to try projects I find, but get scared that I will just fail and screw it up. I don't like to waste money and materials. But your post really gives me confidence. Everyone messes up. It's not just me. And it's better to try! Thanks for this wonderful post!

  13. Mollie <3

    Thank you so much for sharing. It means so much to know I am not alone when it comes to projects that simply don't work no matter what you do with it.

    I think your earrings turned out amazing! Imperfections can be beautiful too.

    Hope you have a great day!

  14. Thanks for the reminder to keep it real and not just post the successes. I have a very small readership with my blog but I strive to encourage my readers to try new things. You are always inspiring, Mollie, keep up your good works! And, I agree with the comments above, that color is fabulous...probably worth another try!

  15. I truly appreciate that I have readers that I can be real with. Thank you all for your encouragement to not lose that.

    Also, I do want to make it clear that none of these photos show what happened to the earrings...I didn't get a photo of that!

    But the Sally Hanson Hard as Nails idea is a good one. I have some of that nail polish, on hand to try, and will pick up some top coat too. Thank you!

  16. Thanks for your honesty, and for your quote about comparison, I love it! You should congratulate yourself for failing. Every time we fail, we learn something. And as my mom likes to say, the only way to avoid failure is to never try anything new. If you have frequent failures, you must be trying lots of new things, and that says wonderful things about your spirit, creativity, and determination! And since you post something awesome almost every day, I'm betting your successes outweigh your so-called failures by far.

  17. Mollie, thank you for your honesty! I think that we learn from our mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes come out to be beautiful, even if i's not what we plan! :) I love the earrings, and color! You inspire more people, than you know! :) Thank you for being such an inspiration! :) Have a blessed day! xo Heather

  18. Hi! Oh, I know that feeling....guess it happens to all of us who blog, and to all crafters, the more you start reserching, the more blogs, etsys and amazing crafters you find, it's quite difficult not to compare yourself, but that quote is something beautiful to keep in mind. I sell my crafts locally and I'm starting an etsy shop, blogging has been a bit difficult to me, I've just started a couple of months ago and felt i was kinda blowing it but your post today made me feel a bit more relaxed! I blog and craft beacuse I absolutely love it and that's all that matters!!!Thank you mollie!

  19. Moliie,

    I love reading your blog no matter what your post is about. I don't care if it is about what you ate last night or one of your siblings being ill and the colors they produced. You are a great person and I wish we lived closer because I know that we would be good friends.
    "Comparison is the thief of joy." What a statement! I will have to write that one on my daughter's bedroom mirror. She is sixteen and having some identity issues.
    Sorry Sweetie - no tips on the earrings. I saw something similar to labeling keys (great idea by the way - and I don't know which blog I saw it on) but don't have any ideas for the earrings.
    Please feel free to write about ANYTHING!


  20. Failing is part of the process (even talking about more than just crafty things) and, at least for me, the process is much more interesting if you fail from time to time :)

  21. Yes, we all fail from time to time. It's just a matter or focusing on the fact that we succeed much, much more often than we fail -- it just doesn't feel that way in that self-doubting frustrating moment when we fail.

    Every now and then I blog about my latest failed or partially failed project (or work that's failed in my eyes though not in other's). It's just part of crafting to fail and learn from mistakes. Some would'nt dream of showing something bad or failed and that I fully understand. But as for myself, I see my blog as more of a journal of my creative pursuits and so blogging about things that flopped are (almost)as natural as blogging about things that worked out great or things that turned out ok.

    The earrings look very cute and retro. Too bad about the nail polish. I know many use nail polish in jewellery, but being used to it chipping and yellowing I've never wanted to try myself. Have you thought about using e.g. epoxy resin instead? Regular 2-part resins can be pigmented, but are a bit messier than nail polish. Then there's uv-curing resins that I don't think are as easy to mix in pigments or other inclusions in (but it might work, never tried). They are very easy to use, but you need a uv-light unless you have really strong sun. (It's of cause possible to fail with resins too, but at least you know it's designed to be durable.) Another option to colouring the resin is to glue paper, plastic, leaf metal etc to the stud and then cover with a doming resin.

  22. Hello. I´m from Spain. My English is not good, so I´ve never write a comment on your blog. But now I see you are thinking your blog isn´t good, and I want to say NO.
    Your blog is an inspiration for me. It´s very nice.

  23. I think they look awesome. The idea is absolutely fantastic.

    ♥ s├ęcia

  24. Oh I love that quote. Such a good one. And its so true! I get really caught up in "doing things right". As in..if I do this + this + this I = awesome and that = a highly productive blog with a million followers. Doesn't always happen that way though, huh?

    For the record, these earrings are adorable. I love this idea and I actually haven't seen it anywhere (which is such a breath of fresh air). Thanks for keeping it real lady!


  25. Hi!
    I love your blog and the earrings too, the colour is great.
    My english isn't very good, but I'll try my best to write you today.
    Sometimes one learns more of the errors than the hits, these are part of the learning process as well.
    I see all the beautiful things you do, all the people that follow your blog because you make awesome projects but because you are a nice and lovely person too. I think that is successful. Everytime I read your blog I smile. You touch the people. It's something big, isn't it?
    Kind regards from Argentina.

    1. Dear Luciana,

      Your english is fine and you are so correct in your statement to Mollie.


    2. Thank you Maureen!

  26. Try using Essie 'Good to Go' as a last coat. It is clear and hardens the polish underneath. I use it on my nails all the time. Remember we learn more from or mistakes than our successes. Great post.

  27. Thanks for this post and the quote. We all mess up sometimes, we're human. It happens and it is unavoidable. The important thing is what we do when we mess up :)

  28. Maybe it was the brand of nail polish? I know that the lacquer nail polishes (eg. OPI brand) last a lot longer and are a lot harder. I was getting my hair done last month when I overheard the nail lady say she likes the newer lacquer nail polishes for herself but not so much for her customers- they now can space out their appointments longer because the nail polish lasts longer! Ha!

  29. I think everyone who is a Blogger has the same feelings as you do. I know I do. Above all, we have to do it for ourselves.


  30. Mollie, thank you for your post. I was having a meltdown with doing my stitch swap embroidery piece as I kept looking at all the amazing finished ones on the flick group and feeling that my work isn't as good and what if my partner thought mine was rubbish! It was just the words I needed to hear to make me finish my piece! ( so what if it looks childlike, I am only a beginner!) x

  31. First of all, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that color of the earrings. I love that color orange. Second, I do not see any blemishes at all and how the heck did you make those lovely earrings? and Third, everybody makes mistakes and that's how we learn. Thanks for your blog. I love reading it.

  32. Sooo glad you're human! Model airplane paint? NO SNIFFING ALLOWED! Maybe not the best choice in colors?

  33. I think those earrings are super cute.
    A couple of things that might work for sealing in that color:
    Diamond glaze- although it might take quite a while to dry, it would be hard and clear.
    Regular old epoxy, like what you get at the hardware store might work but I'm unsure of the bubble/smoothness
    Powdered embossing resin like fluxe. I haven't ever tried it but it is up there on my list of products I want to buy and try.

  34. Umm...these earrings still look pretty flawless, Mollie! :) Awesome idea! And I love hearing about stuff like this..all the little human things we know first-hand...it's easy to get overwhelmed with everybody seeming 'perfect' in blogland, and it's great to be reminded that's not always the case... :)

  35. Hey Mollie, I think they look lovely - I don't see any smudges or prints, but if you're not happy, why not paint something tiny and cute in there - one of your smiling faces or some simple flowers? Love the orange. :)

  36. Hey Mollie! Just discovered your gorgeous blog through Diana's blog Our City Lights. I LOVE this post! I know exactly how you feel - we get things right, we get things wrong, it's just life. I love that quote "Comparison is the thief of joy" I think i'll have it tattooed to the backs of my eyelids for constant reminders :) Imperfection is the spice of life. Perhaps you should paint those earrings, leave them a little longer, and then a couple layers of acrylic lacquer? :)
    Good luck, and keep up the great work!
    Katie. xxx

  37. I've been feeling this way so much lately, it's refreshing to know I'm not the only one! I constantly feel so inadequate when I compare myself to other bloggers, artists and etsy sellers, and feel like such a failure sometimes. That said, I think the earrings look absolutely amazing! I think sometimes we magnify our own flaws so much that they seem like glaring problems when most other people can't even see them :)

  38. Love your blog, Mollie! As much as I enjoy a good craft tutorial, I also enjoy "how NOT to" tutorials, so feel free to share those failed experiments, too! This blog is a beautiful blend of personal thoughts, inspiration, free patterns and tutorials, community, and pretty pictures. Thanks for all of that!


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