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the premium membership

I just need to say this. Katrina from Pugly Pixel is awesome. She has all kinds of wonderful resources and tutorials, especially for a design geek.

Katrina has a "premium membership" that gives you extra downloadable goodies, and I always saw that figured that I didn't need it. I mean, she already offers so many things for free, how could need more? But then she showed these cute speech bubble brushes, and I changed my mind.
And so I paid my $5, and downloaded all of the premium items. Seriously...$5? Why did I hesitate? There are so many things that are going to be so useful for me! Already I feel as though I've gotten my money's worth, and I've only just started playing with the files.

The pictures above (taken on Memorial Day) are made with one of the blog photo templates, plus a deco shape. Silly me...yesterday I made the Embroidery Basics photo collage on my own and it took far longer than it would have with the Pugly Pixel templates.

I don't have plans to use the extra elements like this on my blog all the time, but for a bit of fun, I'll definitely use them! So, thanks, Katrina!

Have you visited my new and returning sponsors for June? Their sponsorship money went to help build Caregiver Kits! Thanks, friends!


  1. Hi there from your newest follower! So glad I found you on Bloglovin. Your blog is super cute!


  2. I did the premium membership the other day too! It's so worth the money, I'll be reapplying every month :)

    I've already kitted out my blog with some of her lovely graphics, its great :D

  3. Hey Wild Olive,
    First, this comment has nothing to do with post.
    Second, I have been inspired by you and other crafty bloggers to make my own wedding bouquet.
    I'm planning on experimenting with a variety of fabrics before I make my final decision, but this is my first prototype. http://missyellowshoes.blogspot.com/2011/06/wedding-diy-bouquets.html
    Would you just let me know what you think? Any constructive criticism or advice would be awesome!
    Thanks for you time and happy Friday!

  4. I agree Mollie your blog is always super cute. Thanks for the tip, I am off to visit Pugly PIxel:)

  5. you know, i'm really glad you told us more about the premium membership to pugly pixel. it's something i am considering but i just got photoshop and want to learn a bit more before i invest anymore. 5 dollars is super cheap though so i won't be hesitating when the time comes in a couple months!

  6. Anonymous1:08 AM

    oh mollie -- thank you so much for this very kind mention. ♥ ♥ ♥


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