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i heart mr. and mrs. lookerse

Janee Lookerse is one of my sponsors, and she's also a lovely person. I kinda really wish that we lived closer, because I think we'd have fun hanging out together. Today, you can find me on her blog because she interrogated me! There's also a little giveaway for some of my patterns.

Janee's husband Greg is also pretty awesome. He just helped me get my new landing page all set up, and I'm so very happy with it. Thanks to Greg, you can now visit MollieJohanson.com to get to my blog, shop and portfolio (which is next for being updated...if you want to see the before, look fast!).

Thank you for being wonderful, Mr. and Mrs. Lookerse!


  1. Cool. Can't wait to see the coming changes.

  2. AAWW.... Shucks! Thanks Mollie!



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