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words with friends

I am not a texter. I don't have texting on my phone plan, and I'm good with that. The constant back and forth, and the reliance on it makes me a little crazy. And yet, I've found my own version.

Words with Friends.

The same person that got me to sign up for Facebook (rada, rada, grr...), also got me hooked on this Scrabble-like game. I play it on my iPod Touch, and every time that I hear it's little tone or see my screen light up, I must check for the next play. It's like texting with limited characters and real words, and I love it.

Admitting you have a problem is the first step, right?


  1. I need a new Ipod so I can get this game, it sounds so fun!

  2. oh, one of my favorites!! if you ever want another person to play with, my words with friends username is tamaroo.

  3. I'm totally a Words With Friends lover too! Let's play together! :) My username is: carrieRRR

  4. just about everyone I know is addicted to this!?! I don't have an iphone or itouch - so I don't play. & I feel the same way about facebook!


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