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my birthday list...

my jo tote came in handy

The only thing on my birthday list this year was a Jo Tote. And I got to get it early so I could use it on our vacation. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

Now, blog parties are about presents, even on birthdays. But may I ask you for a gift? There's only one thing that I want.

I want you to think about something.

Would you think about giving a gift to World Vision? You don't have to give something, but I would love it if you thought about it. Maybe you could buy a Christmas gift that gives money to World Vision, AND a gift to your recipient. Or perhaps you could give a small amount to the Girls in Crisis Fund (this leads to my fundraising page). Or maybe, just maybe you might even think about sponsoring a child.

Just think about that for me, okay? Because that would be an amazing gift...

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Love the bag...and the shoes :)

    I actually have bought a gift certificate from World Vision for my parents and in-laws...they take their certificate and decide where they would like their dollars spent. They can choose whether to support schooling, or clean drinking water, or even medication, toys, bicycles etc..
    It's always the hardest buying gifts for parents as they already have everything they could possibly need...this is a lovely way for them to give. I highly recommend it!


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