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scarecrows and such...


I can hardly believe that we are this far into October already. Every year in our town, there is a Scarecrow Festival. It is one of those things that really marks autumn being here, with Halloween soon to follow.

Officially the festival starts today, but yesterday was set up day. We walked around last night when there were less crowds to get through.

Walking through

Glowing Lights

It was rather dark, but there were some lovely glowing lights. And some of the "scarecrows" were pretty impressive:

Wolf scarecrow
(from a Twilight display...I ignored that fact because...well...look at this! amazing!)

Noah's Ark mechanical scarecrow
(most of the animals on this one moved...way cool!)

It was a nice night, and a family tradition. Also a family tradition: NOT going to the carnival that is nearby for the festival. Johansons don't do carnivals. But we do take photos while driving by...


What autumn traditions do you have?


  1. Oh, cool! Looks like fun, Mollie! :) Hubby and I are still finding the footing on our fall traditions, but there are lantern festivals and thanksgiving (this weekend, for us Canadians!), and the usual pumpkin carving + costume making, we do. :) Love fall!

  2. in waynesville, ohio we have the sauerkraut festival this weekend, with all things sauerkraut, like ice cream, fudge, pizza all with sauerkraut! it's heavily attended and brings lots of much-needed funding to civic and school groups in town. my favorite treat is the pizza. nearby, (only 5 minutes from my house)we have the renaissance festival going on from the beginning of september til nearly the end of october, with lots of medieval fun. once a year, for the bikers, we have the 'hill climb' where motorcyclists attempt to ride up a steep hillside, with lots of onlookers. i'm not sure of the interest there but it's been going on for about 30+ years! happy autumn!


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