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striped with envy...

Oh dear, is right. I have discovered the most wonderful store. I would probably be happy with everything that Lark Handmade sells. Like this striped dear cup. But most of all, this coordinating lunch bag, which I would totally use as a purse:

They also have pretty candies in pretty striped bags...

And a super wonderful vintage-looking craft kit...

Want to know what makes me sad about this? They are located in Australia, and shipping is nearly as much as the items! Sigh...

But I think (I think!) that I may be able to locate a few of these a bit closer...

(all images from Lark Handmade)


  1. I absolutely love that deer cup. Too bad about shipping $$$

  2. http://janejenni.com/index.html

    Check out this site, lots of the same items. Shipping is UPS so if you're only getting one item it's still pricey but shouldn't go up too much for multiples.

  3. I've actually seen a lot of her (Jane Jenni's) items (including the lunch bag) at cutesy, indie places like this cupcake place in Berkeley, CA (Love at First Bite) and this indie art/design/clothing store in Mountain View, CA (Shop Therapy). I would check out your nearest hipsterish indie shop and see if they have anything by her!

  4. I've seen almost all of these items (minus the candy necklaces) at a local shop here in the Twin Cities - Patina. Not sure where you are, but shipping must be less than from Australia!


  5. I live in Australia and I have your problem allll of the time lol, shipping prices to here are just awful =/
    Good luck trying to find them closer to where you are!!

  6. Anonymous11:38 AM

    LOVE the mug and lunch bag! So cute. :-)


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