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test patterns that I'm loving...

test patterns that I love...

1. AM 136 j, 2. 6155 trial, 3. WB 2-945 i, 4. S 135 i, 5. 9985 WB 1, 6. W 961 k, 7. Design 725 i, 8. AB 7232 h, 9. S 124 i

Vintage embroidery patterns are so very charming, but many of them are fairly large. While I like this, I also know that I like a pattern that I can get done in a few days, not a few weeks. Enter the vintage embroidery test or trial pattern.

They are small, and simply the sweetest! I've been finding them and marking them recently, and thought you might like to find them too. Unfortunately, folks don't always tag them as test patterns, so you just have to search through everything. But isn't it worth it? Some of these are cut off because of the mosaic, but click through the links to get the entire images.


  1. the birdcage is really cute!

  2. Ah! Lovely!! I've been obsessed with hunting down vintage letter patterns, but these are equally lovely enough to collect! :) Cute!

  3. the girl with the pony tail, so cute!

  4. The bird cage is also my favorite.

  5. Gracias por compartir elos patrones.


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