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oh, ikea...

YIP2010 - 192

We stopped at IKEA today. This is our family van (yes, it's as big as it looks in the photo) in the family-friendly parking area. I couldn't resist the photo because a big van just screams "we have a lot of people and we need a special parking lot!"

Anyway, while we were there I picked up some printed cork placemats (kind of like these, but a different design). They looked like the kind of thing that would make a good craft supply. Most likely, there will be stitching involved, and I also can't imagine that they will be used as placemats.

I know that I've mentioned IKEA before as being a great place to find supplies for making things, you just have to look at things from a crafty perspective. I probably could have found many more things today, but thankfully made it out with just my $4.99 placemats. And man, but I'm thinking that I should have gotten the cupcake towels...


  1. Love Ikea!!! Yup. Shoulda got the cupcake towels. too cute! makes me want to run there immediately (if I didn't have to drive 1 1/2 hrs. and pay over $10 in tolls to get there I just might!)

  2. I understand; my last trip to IKEA resulted in buying 2 sets of those cupcake tea towels (because for some reason, I have to have TWO of nearly everything)... I love those towels.

  3. LOL...that is a pretty big fan. It's always fun to with a big group of friends.

  4. They have CUPCAKE TOWELS!??? Those are so cute! I always think of IKEA as utilitarian, so I'm a little shocked...thank you/grr for introducing me to these, now I have to go get some.


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