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this week...

YIP2010 - 164

I look calm and serene in this (what you see of me), but I'm going a little nuts. Egypt starts tonight, and ahhhh! Things are going well, but are very busy. That said, the blog may be a little lean this week.


  1. Love that nail color...

  2. Love the nail color, too! Lovely! :) And, I feel ya. It looks calm on my outsides, but this week is utterly nuts. Nuts with fun stuff, but nuts nonetheless. lol.

    Good luck with everything!

  3. We are doing the same VBS program at my church and I am the director so I think I can relate a bit to your craziness. Our Egypt doesn't start until Sunday the 20th. But I still have lots more to do. I hope you show some pics of you VBS.


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