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easter time...

My grandpa (Papa) always used to say "Easter time is a time for joy and a time for joy is Easter time." He's right. There's much to be joyful about on a day like today. For example, pink plastic bunnies.


Aren't they the cutest? To think, my mom was going to get rid of these!

But seriously, there's nothing more joyous than a day of celebrating a risen Savior, Jesus. Even when I'm tired, and perhaps not ready for a busy day (which this was), Easter is the best day of the year.


  1. Those bunnies are the cutest thing ever! I'm so glad you rescued them :-)

  2. carol1:58 PM

    it is the best day of the year-promise for the hope of tomorrow...

  3. Oh, I remember those bunnies! They are so cute!


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