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sampling stitches on eggs...

Yay! I finished some very fun stitching today, and I just couldn't wait to share it.

Egg Sampler

I find that I often resort to the same stitches. Especially with the designs that I create. It sort of makes sense because of the style of my patterns, but I want to branch out occasionally. Hence a sampler of sorts. Done as a happy Easter Egg. Even with my moments of stitch frustration, this has quickly become one of my very favorite things that I've embroidered.

Egg Sampler details

The outline is split stitch. From the top is a partial lazy daisy, some little bursts that I'm not sure if there's a name for them, a stem stitch (my first real success at this!), herringbone (love this new one!), chain stitch, twinkle.

Egg Sampler details

Running (or hidden) stitch (which I've not done particularly well here), cross stitch, lazy daisies, surface blanket (another first), threaded running stitch (new, and so fun!)

Egg Sampler details

Outlined satin stitch, a slightly modified vine, back stitch, french knots.

SO much fun learning these new stitches. I still need to practice more, but that's the fun, right? Also, my brother said that I should use lots of colors. And that would definitely work for an Easter egg. But I really like red work, and for Easter, pink work. Plus it gave me a good excuse to use some of my older DMC floss that came from my grandma...

This will be in the shop soon, as a mini pattern (just $2!), but of course, there are so many possibilities that you could do on your own. Mine is about 7.5" tall, but little ones would be really cute too!


  1. That is totally adorable! :)

  2. Very pretty! And a great way to learn new stitches.

  3. oo this is cute. I got a stitching book for christmas and this has inspired me to break it out and start learning/experimenting.

  4. Loads of good stitches there. How about feather stitch on the next one?

  5. Anonymous2:51 PM

    I really like this.

  6. Love this! I had to try it myself :) Posted about it here:


    (with links back to your post and site, of course!)


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