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looking at the week ahead...

YIP2010 - 087

First of all, look at what I got today! My friend Abby gave this to me, and of course, I love it! My Paper Crane is the best. Thanks, sweet Abby!

So, the week ahead.

I'm planning on having a better Monday this week. I'm not entire sure that I get to control that, but I'm going to do my part. And part of that is creating a sense of anticipation for myself. There is now a list of things that will be going on here on the blog this week. Here are a few of those things:

-Making a birthday present for my brother Max (he turns 8 on Saturday!)
-Reviewing the first quarter of the year (what? how'd we get here already?)
-Preparing for a new month (your desktop needs to be spruced up for April!)
-April Fool's Day (this could be fun...)
-Easter craft goodness (be ready with embroidery floss, felt and fingers!)

Are you ready for the week? Decide with me that it will be a good one!


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