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don't go changing...


It has been ages since I've cross-stitched, but I've been seeing some really cute stuff lately. I really like how it is the embroidery equivalent of pixel art, and I may be catching the bug. For now, I've made this little piece.

I used a small piece of plastic canvas, and stitched a coin purse illustration that I've had in the files for some time. The face is a little strange, especially compared to how I draw my faces usually, but it's got the pixel art look. Definitely.

Now...what to do with this little guy. I sort of feel as though it would make for a nice embellishment to a page of a journal. Or something.

A question: do you think that you (or others) would be interested in cross-stitch charts for designs like this?


  1. I would LOVE them. I have recently rediscovered my long lost love of Cross stitch ;)

  2. Anonymous5:59 PM

    I would love it! Cross stitch is my favorite hobby! I would cut this out carefully and glue a magnet on the back. But that's just me. :)

  3. Yes!!
    It's funny that you should bring up cross stitch. I just got out my quilt that I have been working on and off and on again for the past 20 years!! Also, I have been embroidering pillowcases with sheep! I'm working like a fiend for some reason. I think I'm addicted to it!
    (Not that anyone really cares.(: )


  4. Definitely! Cross stitch is amazing fun. :)

  5. Adorable. I also got caught by cross-stitch the pixel-way. :D

  6. i love cross stitch. My teenage daughters love it too!

  7. I would be into this for sure. I love doing cross stitch especially the more unconventional designs. Though puppies and sunsets are all very well, it's much more fun to do funny little things too!

  8. would be very interested in cross stitch designs


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