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another go...


Honestly, one of these days, I'll get the better of the sewing machine!

Today I was all ready to go. One of the things that I'm making (or attempting to make!) is a set of pot holders and an oven mitt. She doesn't need them, but I'm making them from my Cookies for Santa fabric, so they'll just be for cute. Anyway, she was gone for the day, so it was the perfect opportunity.

I cut everything out, I got the machine out, I ironed the fabric a bit...and got to sewing. Well, the quilting stretched things a bit, which threw me. But I figured out a way around it. Then I added the bias tape. Mind you, I've never done that before. But it came out well enough for a first time. In fact, the two pot holders aren't too bad. A little wonky, but OK.

pot holder results...

And then as I just finished the last bit of a pot holder, or perhaps as I was just starting the oven mitt...the needle bent. And it was the last needle we had. Grr. It's like the sewing machine just has to mess with me.


  1. Lydia8:38 PM

    I think they look great! I would love to be the recipient of a gift like that.

  2. Anonymous9:42 PM

    This fabric is PERFECT for potholders! Now you need a picture of you pulling some of the same cookies out of the oven USING the cookie potholder.

    It will blow everyone's mind.

  3. poppicakes...THAT is a genius idea. I'll work on it. And don't think I won't!

  4. Super cute! I have a knack for breaking needles, I think I'm just cursed! Oh for the potholder, I like the kind that is shaped like a long rectangle so you wrap around a pot, hand on both sides inside the pockets... if that makes sense!

  5. LOVE the fabric... where to buy?
    As for the quilting stretching things...do you have a walking foot? Perfect for this!

  6. castaways: Thanks for the tip!

    The exact fabric I used isn't available, but I do have a smaller version of the print that you can get through Spoonflower: http://www.spoonflower.com/fabric_items/new?design_id=88529


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