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oh brother...


Have you ever watched the PBS Kids show Arthur? If you have kids, you are probably familiar. My family has always loved the show and the books, and really, the characters. My older little sister was just like D.W. when she was little, and now my younger little sister is an awful lot like her too. Together we sing one of D.W.'s songs about Arthur:
People think that my brother stinks
like a piece of yellow cheese
But me I say, "That's OK
as long as there's a breeze!"

These are certainly the kind of words you use about your brother, right? Case in point:

Tonight I was working on what you see above. (I'll share more details about this pieces soon.) My dear 15-year-old brother said that I should call the little pieces of artwork that I make "Art Farts". Because they are just little bits of art. Isn't that charming? He claims that it doesn't mean that he thinks my work stinks.

Sure. Whatever, you stinky cheese brother...


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