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machine embroidery...

Swift Sewing Machine

Have you ever done machine embroidery? I never have, other than watching my aunt's sewing machine that does this. Actually, I have two aunts that machine embroider. One for fun at home, and another that works at a shop that does it. But I'm getting off track...

Because I'm not too familiar with it, I was a little unsure when Debbie from Too Cute Embroidery approached me about using my patterns to create the files needed for machine embroiderers. What would the designs look like? Does this idea go with my style? How would we work together?

And then she sent me mock ups of some of the designs.

Pleasing Paintbrush

I was smitten. Which is a silly thing to be about something like this, but I got all giggly and had to show everyone in my family. The applique designs (like Swift Sewing Machine above and Measurable Measuring Tape below) are my favorites.

And so we teamed up. I say teamed up, but really, this was just me sending her artwork, and she did all the work from there. But what has resulted is a new pattern set with 10 Crafty Characters. You'll find the set in both of our shops (well...you'll find it my shop soon), and eventually, there will be more sets.

So fun!

Measurable Measuring Tape


  1. Hooray! I just found your lovely blog!!

    I am in love with these cuties...but also struck by similarities in our work. I'm not an embroiderer, but I have been known to draw and also make plushies of food and inanimate object with faces.....

    Lovely lovely work. I'll be back :)

  2. Where can I purchase this SUPER cute paintbrush embroidery design for my machine?? I NEED IT! :)

    1. I don't have them in my shop right now, but you can find them at Too Cute Embroidery.


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