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if you like sufjan...


...then get his new album and DVD, The BQE. It officially comes out tomorrow, but I pre-ordered and it came early. Yay! Anyway, I listened to and watched it yesterday. So amazing. Really. The words musical genius come to mind. I especially appreciate his delight in trying out new sounds and stretching himself...all while sounding so Sufjan.

I want to do that. Try new things and become fresh and better and stretched...but still Mollie.


  1. Oh dang! I love Sufjan and I didn't even know there was a new album coming out. Where have I been?!

  2. i second allison's comment! is this one state-themed as well?

  3. The BQE is an instrumental suite. It was created as a soundtrack for a film he and another guy made, and the whole thing was commissioned by the Brooklyn Academy of Music. I heard about it when it was originally performed. The person who made the hula hoops for the film was selling them on Etsy.

    Anyway, I just found out that it was set to be released and ordered it right away...so glad I did!

  4. Just heard about this one the other day - glad to hear a good review!


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