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catch a falling star...

star bag

...and put it in your pocket. Or your canvas tote bag.

I made this bag oh so quickly last night and I think it is so fun! It was one of the projects in the Red Velvet Art Autumn class, and adapted just a bit to be stars. I think this was the first time that I've stitched using yarn instead of floss, and I liked it! Obviously it has some limitations, but for something like this? Perfect!

The entire time I was stitching I was humming/singing star songs. "Catch a Falling Star", and "You Could be Swinging on a Star" (Maria Muldaur's version) were the first to come to mind. But as much as the latter could remind me to be happy with who I am...I'll go with calling this my Catch a Falling Star bag.

star bag close


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