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caregiver kits...round two...

Caregiver Kit

Back in the spring, I had a wonderful experience. Through God's leading, I decided to donate 100% of my shop profits to World Vision, to purchase and assemble Caregiver Kits. Through the help of many, enough money was raised for 20 kits! Now it's time to do more good.

Until November 15, 100% of the profits from the Wild Olive shop are going to World Vision Caregiver Kits, equipping volunteers caring for those affected by AIDS. My hope and prayer is that we can put together even more kits this time. In the side bar, you'll find a kit count, so that you can see the progress we're making. We're off and running!

For my part, I'll be keeping the shop fresh with new items...I'm really excited about these! For your part, please consider doing a bit of shopping...It will help so many!

Learn more about Caregiver Kits here.

Visit the shop.


  1. This is so cool! And there's so many things I want to get....some Christmas shopping to do....all just as soon as Jeff gets paid again. :-D

  2. Good on you- that is brilliant. O donate regularly to microlending via Kiva.org- a great charity worth a look too.

  3. Danielle7:02 PM

    thats so awesome! WV now has a program similar to kiva too. But Caregiver kits are one of my favorite things! Keep up the good work!

    (I actually work for WV too!)


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