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i was doing so good...


Yesterday I felt like I accomplished a lot. And I did:

-finished the embroidery hiding in the photo.

-stitched up two jordnots.

-almost finished a third jordnot.

-made a pattern based on a top that I love. (thanks, mom for guiding me through this!)

Today, I went to sew my new top/smock. My mom suggested that I use her serger, which I've done before with some success. Straight stitching works for me. But the tension wasn't quite right, so I tried a few things, eventually getting it about right. I serged one side seam. Good. I serged the other side seam....wait, no.

It went all crazy and wasn't interlocking. Then the needle broke. Then the needle shaft thing became loose, turning from side to side. Insanity! My mom and I were trying to fix it for a while, then gave up. We're feeling like this isn't good. We've had it for about 13 years, and web searches didn't turn up much help. If you have any thoughts on this, the machine is a Pfaff Hobbylock 774.

Anyway, I WAS on a roll. It seems that I'll be turning to the regular sewing machine...grrr. Maybe I'll have good news to report soon.


  1. How frustrating! The other day I was knitting and became mired in a HUGE yarn knot. It took forever to untangle and really affected my productivity. Hopefully someone will have some insight into the serger issue.

  2. Nice job and nice choice of colors as well.


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