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finger foods...

Guess what my brother and I did today?

This is all lo-fi cool. We (or at least I) had way too much fun making this, plus the next conversation (which has long been planned...a favorite of both Anders and I). OK, I think Anders had quite a bit of fun with this too...

Giving credit where credit is due, a friend of mine made a series of short dialogs between Dog and Cat using the same voice software (TalkAny). That was certainly the inspiration for the Finger Foods.

Making this was pure silly, and I love it. More to come...


  1. Lol, that's too cute. :-D

  2. I'm not sure what to say...except that I can't stop laughing. It definitely pushed my zany humor button and cannot be explained in any other way

  3. And the oscar goes to Startled Salad! I love it. Very funny and sure to win in the Mixed Green Category.


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