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doodles in the works...


So...I had been thinking about making some little fruit illustrations. In fact, I had started to sketch. And then I got to talking with someone who needed some recipe cards for some upcoming events (more about those when the time comes closer). She thought fruits and vegetables would be fun. And of course, she was right. This prompted the start of the vegetables. Requests are good for me, because they keep me on track, and there's no putting things off.

red cabbage

I wanted to end up with eight fruits and eight vegetables, but I sketched more than that. This cabbage is one that didn't make the cut. I really liked it, but it didn't work with the rest of them as well. Maybe it will become something else. Hmmm....now that's got me thinking...

quaint kiwi

Hands down, my favorite sketch is this little kiwi. I'm calling him Quaint Kiwi. Eeeek! I want to hug him! The digital version is a bit different and not quite as adorable...but still oh so sweet. I'd take the credit for this cuteness, but kiwis are just cute fruit to begin with....

i scream...

On the less healthy side, I've been thinking that an ice cream set would be great fun. In fact, I think this may have been a suggestion from some young friends. This set is going to be modular, so that the pieces can be combined however you like. Different cones/dishes, scoops and swirls of ice cream, toppings, etc. Should be fun! It feels like summer is going to end soon, so ice cream may not be seasonally correct...but it will still be worked on soon. August is ok for ice cream, right?


  1. OOh the kiwi is Kute but the idea of the modular type sets is very exciting.

  2. Yay!!! Ice Cream is my favorite!!

  3. Anytime is ok for ice cream!

    It's so neat to get a peek at your sketches. As someone who can't.draw.to.save.her.life, it's very fascinating to see this aspect of the creative process. :)

  4. you could hug...a kiwi softie!!! think that could ever be in the cards?

  5. Anonymous5:54 AM

    August is perfect for ice-cream! Loving the fruit & veggies... Me & a friend were bored at work one night & drew & coloured in various fruit & veg it was quite fun!

  6. Your ice cream idea is brilliant!! and its always time for ice cream... :)

  7. August is so right for ice cream...and Sept and Oct. I like the fruit-veggies too.

  8. fruit and ice cream are two of my favorite things... and vegetables would be cool too. i LOVE food. :)

    I can't wait to see what these turn into!!

    And thanks for sharing your sketches dear. xoxo. :)

    PS Are you still looking for people to stitch up examples of any of your patterns? You've been so kind to me over the years that I'd love to be able to help you in some way. :)


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