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my theory on hot weather...


It is hot. and humid.

This kind of weather does something to people. At least at my house. And it has caused me to form a theory. The theory is simple, and looks like this:

Heat = Disdain

Do you know what I'm talking about? It's as though everything that happens makes you feel terrible things about the cause of those things. And I'm not just talking about a little irritation here. I'm talking about despising something or someone. This is cranky to the tenth power.

Of course, when you pause and realize that the little person who is asking a question, or the computer that is running as hot as you are, or whatever, is only doing what they normally do, you can see that it is your reaction that is different. And if nothing else is changed, the cause is very likely the heat and humidity.

And so, I feel bad about the disdain I have felt. But I fear that I will continue to feel it as long as the temperatures are 95+ degrees.

Have you felt this?


  1. Considering it is 107ยบ today in Austin (and that is without the heat index), I know exactly what you mean. My mood tends to swing between disdain and apathy: I don't care what I do or eat---I just want it to be something cool. :D

  2. I'm a beast when it gets really hot! Luckily, it hasn't been too bad where I live...but the heat will be here soon enough, and I will be grumbling and growling at everyone!

  3. It makes me feel bad (some of the time) that I'm so short with the short people in the house because the heat just makes me ahhhhhhhhhh. Why is it they don't feel the heat?

  4. The combination of heat and humidity, absolutely changes me into a cranky, lazy, nervous nellie. I am just worthless and paralyzed in this weather, without air conditioning.
    Did you know the crime rates soar in this type of weather? Give me a nice cold winter any time!

  5. Mollie-
    Did you know that research shows that when the tempature increases so does the crime level? Crazy stuff, huh? I guess people just get too aggravated by the heat.

  6. Whoops! Sorry about that repeated tidbit of info (Rosanna's comment). I saw it just after I commented...lol.


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