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monday means a new week...

crafty supply bench monday

The start of a new week means much to get through. It means you never know what may come along. It means a fresh start. It means opportunity to work on projects.

This new week, I'm hoping to tackle some fun things that I have the pleasure of calling my work. Patterns. Patches. Paintings. (This week's work is being brought to you by the letter "P"!) These things all excite me.

Other things that excite me today:

sweet new tee!

Last week I ordered this new t-shirt from Sick for Cute, and today it came! I have not ordered anything new for a long time and so this was a treat. It's it adorable?!?

Also, I am sooooo excited that the World Vision Caregiver Kit fund has reached 92%! This has taken longer than I originally hoped, but the end of this is in sight! As in, I may be ordering supplies by the end of the week!


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