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june upon your desktop...

Did you know that the word "embroider" is a synonym for "embellish"? Not too surprising. But how about "exaggerate" "magnify" or "elaborate (on)"? An example from Merriam Webster: "Dad likes to embroider his fishing stories." I find this to be quite interesting.

For June, the crafty character is Stretched Embroidery Hoop, and I fear that she may be the type of hoop that stretches the truth and embellishes things other than fabric. But perhaps not. Either way, she would love to add a little something to your computer's desktop!

Download the wallpaper here.


  1. Cutest hoop I've ever seen. And that's no exaggeration at all.

  2. OMG Mollie, yes, that's the cutest, most adorable hoop I have ever seen !!! xoxo Thanks so much for sharing ! Happy June to you !

  3. Yay! I turned on my work computer and the first thing I thought was, "I hope she does a calendar desktop for June!" So now it is changed...yay!

  4. i looove your desktops, they make me smile everyday when i come to work :]


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