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Today we are making...

Nail Cross Necklace

Creating seems to find its way into every aspect of my life, and I suppose that makes life more holistic. In the same way, my faith and my desire to follow Jesus finds their way into every corner of my life. I see God as the ultimate source of and inspiration for my creating. In turn crafts are one of the things that I do for the children's ministry at my church.

I do so enjoy sharing crafts with children, especially when they have meaning and are used to convey a message. I also love how crafts allow for the opportunity to have conversation. As adults we do it, why not craft and talk (or more importantly, listen) with a child?

If you'd like to follow what I'm doing each week for children's ministry crafts, you'll find them on my new blog Today we are making...

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous7:26 PM

    I am excited to hear this about your life!!! I like the craft, well done!


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