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Come Again Another Day...

...keep falling on my head. Well, actually, not. The sun is even shining! But I've had these rain illustrations on my mind. So now this Unhappy Umbrella, that I have grown to adore, is an embroidery pattern. I haven't decided how I'll use this embroidery, but I keep thinking of it as a rather large patch. So perhaps I'll attach it to a bag, or if I'm feeling bold, to a t-shirt.

Falling On My Head stamps

And then, here are the stamps that I carved yesterday. The books that inspired this are Lotta Prints and Printing by Hand. I'm itching to try some screenprinting, but that is a bit more involved. So stamping will have to do for now.

These stamps are set to make some prints, and then, fingers crossed, fabric. Not sure how that will go. And I'm also not sure what kind of ink or paint I'll have the best luck with. And do I just experiment, or jump right to some kind of expensive ink made just for this type of printing? So many questions. So much fun waiting to be had.


  1. Very cute! Uhm...wouldn't an umbrella actually like the rain--feeling all purposeful and such? Can't wait to see your new fabric and how you do it.

  2. haha! you'd think so, but that would make it almost normal. very unlike me.


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