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in one day

...of uncertainty.

Yesterday I read this book. (I learned of it from this picture.) The entire thing. A good chunk of the time, I read out loud to my sister. It was wonderful.

It made me want to create my own book like this. A journal of things that I see. And the thoughts that go with them. So what did I do today? I took a walk, picked up my sister from work, and we took our Thursday walk to get coffee or lunch or something. We saw many interesting people and things, as usual. But did I pull out a notebook to remember the things that I saw? no. Grrr. But I will next time. really.

(I did, however, start carving some new stamps tonight, after getting another book on printmaking from the library. Pictures tomorrow.)

1 comment:

  1. Hi Mollie :)
    Wanted to stop by before we leave on vacation tomorrow, to wish you & yours happy Easter celebrations !
    Thanks for the inspiration of writing what we do, I also wish I remember everything I do all day. The places I go, the things I do or see.
    Can't wait to see your stamps !!!!! oxoxoxox


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