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this is me...

Mollie. by Grace

My 4-year-old sister has recently started drawing pictures of the family. She sometimes has a Picasso like quality, especially when she draws facial features with legs and arms nearby, then encircles the whole thing with a body.

This is me. Note my long eyelashes. And either she thinks that I have hairy arms, or many, many fingers (I think it's the finger thing).

Not related to this picture, my 6-year-old brother was looking at me today and gave this evaluation: "Your eyes are brown, but your color isn't brown." (because he has brown eyes and brown skin...) then, "You have twiggy hair." Um, yeah.


  1. ahah, Mollie, you're too funny ! (and your sibblings too !) Love the hairy arms or multiple fingers ! (how practical, btw, for stitching or painting !!) Thanks for the smile, dear, it's always much appreciated !
    Have a great Thursday ! oxox

  2. Ah, the good old days when we were all potato-head people. I used to love the pictures my kids would come up with when they were little.

  3. haha...twiggy hair... :)


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