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the 600th post...


This week has been one of lists. So much to do. But slowly, I've been checking things off. These embroideries are a couple things that were on the list. The patterns will be in the shop within the next couple days. I haven't decided how I'll use the 1+1=1 tea embroidery above, but I do love how it came out.

egotistical egg embroidered apron

For the new Baker's Best Ingredient Friends pattern, I stitched up the Egotistical Eggs, and put them on the pocket of a new apron I made for my brother's birthday. Mad is turning 7 this week, and he loves cooking (pretend and real!). Generally, he just loves food.

This is a super basic apron, which is good. Because, A) I didn't want to mess with a pattern so I just faked it, and B) My sewing skills on a machine are, well, not all that.

egotistical egg embroidered pocket

And as the title of this post tells you, I've now written 600 posts. That seems like so much. Who would've thought I'd have that much to say? Ok, there are some in my acquaintance that would say that it is no surprise...I can be a bit of a talker. I am making an effort to be more of a listener. What do you have to say?


  1. Here's what I have to say--Happy 600th post. I so enjoy your blog. And these embroideries are so cute. Thanks for sharing your happiness.

  2. You solved the eye problem on your tea cup! also the apron...what a sweet gift. I just love that carton of eggs. and where you put the face.

    I made a bracelet out of the dandelions you gave me! pictures to come...

  3. Happy 600th post! I look forward to your updates--such cute and/or helpful things!

  4. Wow, 600 posts?
    I've only been reading for a few months when i found your blog via Etsy and had ordered your adorable recipe cards, my family loves getting them!

    Happy blog milestone!
    I enjoy checking in often and your crafts make my day.


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