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newly stitched patterns...

I've been busily creating new embroidery patterns, and then stitching them up! I really do love playing with fabric and floss. These were done in a bit of haste (after all, they needed to be ready for release tomorrow!), but even then, I find it relaxing.

Jack's Beans
From the Stuff of Fairy Tales pattern.

Stitchy Floss
From the Make. Do. Create. Crafty Characters pattern.

Inviting Invitation
From the Wedding Party pattern (but I think that some of the patterns in this one are good for Valentine's day, too!).

Now, to find good uses for all these...


  1. Hi Mollie !
    Ooooh these embroideries are just the cutest ! I love the embroidery floss one ! Adorable !
    Great job on making them all !! Have a great day !

  2. I love the stuff of fairy tales set! That is such a cute idea xo

  3. Oh, my goodness! Are those magic beans? LOVE IT!


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