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the second day of fall...

When I was getting ready to graduate from college, it wasn't a big deal to me. I didn't want a party, I didn't go to graduation. It just didn't matter. Until right my last day or two of school. And then I started to feel sad that I had let it go without recognizing it. My mom wisely picked up on my regret and put together a small but sweet gathering.

The Harvesters Recipe Cards

Yesterday was the first day of my favorite season. I had decided to let it go, in favor of working on new things for Christmas. After all, that's the big upcoming holiday, and I want to be ready. But then I began to feel sad that I had not really created anything for the shop (or even just for fun) that would honor this excellent time of year. I mean, the weather is lovely, the colors are perfect, plus you get Halloween and Thanksgiving! My mom wisely picked on my regret and suggested that there was still plenty of time to get something together.

So I got to work, and came up with 12 illustration doodles (I cheated and used one from the calendar already made), and I love them all. I hope you will too. They are: Preoccupied Pumpkin, Yakkity Yam, Capricious Corn, Admirable Apple, Unwavering Cranberries, Prudent Pumpkin Pie, Tired Turkey, Sentimental Mashed Potatoes, Sad Sunflower, Determined Acorn, Fallen Leaf, and Sympathetic Scarecrow. The Harvesters. They are already recipe cards, and may just end up as other things as well.

Happy Harvest!

The Harvesters Recipe Cards


  1. Oh I'm so all over these if they become an embroidery pattern.. :)

  2. Tiffany, you shall have your wish!


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