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embroidered quilts...

My sister and I stopped by a favorite resale shop today. I found some Converse for $8. Which I didn't get. We saw some really ugly stuff. Which we didn't get. And I found a fantastic embroidered quilt. Which I didn't get. (It was $200, after all.)

The quilt was likely 100-ish years old. The embroidery was all diamond-turned squares, each with a type of flower. When I first looked at it, the flowers looked similar. But I did notice, what? Initials by each flower? No...abbreviations. For each of the 50 states in our union. Wow. The stitches were not all perfect, but so very delicate. I really wish I had had a camera with me. Or $200.

This got me thinking though, because, first, I have a bunch of bird embroidery patterns from Martha Stewart. Birds aren't really my thing (I hate the real deal), but stitched into a quilt I could handle. And I love red work, but what if I changed it up and did them in a nice Martha Stewart blue? Or a mossy green? I like this idea.

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  1. I've seen those Martha Stewart bird patterns and they're lovely. I have a similiar problem- I'm doing a set of tea towels for a friend (with sparrows. more birds!) and I can't decide...redwork? bluework? green? It's so painfully hard to decide. I can't help you, I'm afraid because I'm in the same boat!


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