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oh my...

So far this year I've had a printable every month, just as planned. I'm kinda proud of being able to keep this up and not let a month go (although, I'm thinking of letting up of the monthly buttons in the shop). August is no different. And so today I give you a page of printable mini-lists featuring Surprised Seashell. She's just shocked at the number of things that need to be done!

These lists are similar to what is included in my Printable Planner Pages file at Etsy, but those allow you type in your list before printing. These are the old-fashioned, hand written kind. But they are cute and small for you to cut apart and slip in a pocket! Download your lists here.

UPDATE: For some reason, my server has chosen to not let my links find the file for this. If you're interested, and can't use the link, email me and I'll send you the PDF!


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