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martha, martha, martha...

No, this isn't a post about how Jan Brady would sound with a lisp. Actually, that was my response when I finally made it in to Michael's to check out their new Martha Stewart line.

I love Martha. People give her a hard time, but she's the best. This episode of Ellen is a favorite, and I can't help feeling a bit like Ellen as I watch. You hope that Martha isn't as perfect as she seems, but deep inside, you want to be like her.

Anyway, back to Michael's: I'm not sure if I should have gone sooner, or if I shouldn't have gone at all, but every item I saw, I wanted. It was as if they made it all just for me! In the end, I settled on a patriotic ribbon garland, bandanna treat bags for neighbor gifts, and a pack of three journals with the sweetest patterns on the cover (as if I need more paper!), plus a copy of each free craft idea they had. Now I'm hooked and want more...and more...and more...


  1. That clip cracked me up! Martha with Ellen is hysterical for some reason.

    Anyways, I saw the new line at Michaels a little whiles ago and I'm obsessed too. It's hard not to make constant excuses to stop by and pick up a piece of paper or some craft kit or the wonderful glitters (so much better then what the craft store sells!) or the twill tape...or...or..or...yeah, its bad.

  2. Catherine9:30 PM

    Oops...I forgot to mention that the new line is MARTHA STEWARTS NEW LINE. So fantabulous.

    That is all. :D


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