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i heart Ingvar Kamprad...

Creator of IKEA, Ingvar Kamprad has blessed my family with many a bookshelf (among other things) at a fair price. But on my latest IKEA visit, yesterday, I decided to look through the "as-is" section, and found the best deal yet.

I needed a desk top, because I had already purchased these great shelves/desk legs. The plan had been to use a sheet of plywood, cut to size, then finished in some way. Instead, I noticed part of a headboard (similar to a hollow door) lined up along a wall. The size was just a 1/2 in longer than I wanted, but that wouldn't be a problem.

And so, I bought a desk top for $1.

Thank you, Ingvar, because now I sit at a desk, in my little office. That makes me happy...


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