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what it comes to...

It seems that I am being shamed into posting. You know you've been bad about not posting often enough when someone tells you that they have memorized your blog, and then they go on to actually reciting what's been "recently" posted. That's the trouble with telling your friends you have blog: they read it and want to talk with you about it. Anyway, I wanted to start writing and recording more about current things I'm working on, so here goes:

My latest big project is for an educational DVD with a train theme. I'm designing the cover, insert, disc label, plus some "bonus feature" PDF worksheets and such. It's the kind of thing I really enjoy working on, and to make it even better, my client chose the concept that was my favorite. That hardly ever happens to me!

At this point the primary design is nearly finished, and all of the elements are being put together. By this time next week it should all be complete, and I'll before long I'll be showing it off.

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  1. Thanks for updating this finally! And you thought no one was going to read your blog often. I look forward to reading the progress of your project, and I know that Max will love the finished product!


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