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I'm the first to admit that I'm a pack rat. I have a very hard time getting rid of the little things that life seems to collect. Postcards, tags, packages, pictures...I save them all. It's not junk, it's ephemera! Is it still ephemera if it's from your own life? And if that's enough, I'll gladly accept the same type of items from other people's lives. Although, for that, I prefer things that are a bit older. For example, I couldn't let my mom throw anything away when she was going through my aunts' house. I loved finding all of the old pictures, a book of postcards from around 1900, and old packages.

Swapatorium is a blog that displays all kinds of stuff like this. I sat at my computer drooling over all their fabulous finds. There is more stuff than I'll ever have time to look through, all of it very interesting. It would be so fun to find out the mysteries of the old items. But my one question is, where does one store all of these things? (via Robot Johnny.)


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