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The summer craft season begins?

I'm promising myself that this summer will contain plenty of time for crafting. And although we're still only in spring, I'm getting started.

I finished a windchime that I've had the supplies for, for years. It's chimes are made from bent forks, which have a surprisingly delightful sound. It is now hanging in front of my house.

You know that summer is on its way, because the dollar store has gotten their popsicle molds back in. I got four, so that I can start making popsicle soap again. That's enough to make 32! And they're in fabulous colors! I'm so excited.

And finally, my mom has decided that this coming week she will open her new sewing machine. At last! We haven't had a sewing machine going around here for a while. And although she got the new machine some time ago, she hasn't used it, and I didn't want to be the one to break it in. It is hers after all. So I have big sewing plans!

Let the summer craft season begin!


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