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Listen here, Easter Bunny?

Man, am I tired. Today has been filled with preparations for Easter. I got up, didn't drink enough coffee, then started running. Went grocery shopping, started cooking the various salads for lunch tomorrow (I don't suggest making carrot-raisin salad if you don't have a food processor...I have the orange shredded fingers to prove that.), then took a break for a family egg hunt. The kids were so cute gathering their eggs! Resumed cooking for Sunday, made dinner, then started coloring eggs.

The egg coloring was a true adventure, as it was with little brothers. At one point I felt like I was in the "Family Circus" Easter Special. I used to watch that every year. The kids were plopping eggs in dye left and right. And I think someone might have started singing "Listen Here, Easter Bunny." That might have been me. I was pleased with how well 5-year-old PJ did...and 3-year-old Max...well, let's just say that all dye has been cleaned up. But we do have a big bowl of beautiful eggs.

The only thing I didn't get to was the cut-out cookies, which makes me kind of sad.
Now I'm about ready to drop. But, I really enjoyed all that I did today. At one point my mom mentioned that I seemed much happier today that I have the last few days. And she was right. I've felt depressed lately, but today was good. Being busy was good. Accomplishing things for my family was good.

And now, in preparation of Easter, I invite you to enjoy a new favorite site around my house: I Love Egg.


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